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Level 2 Dog Running Package – 2 runs per week


Our Level 2 – 2 Runs per Week Package provides 9 runs, which is enough for two runs per week if purchased monthly. If you choose this package monthly, you’ll have 4 (two weeks worth) activities left over after one year.

  • This session will give your dog 45 full minutes of run time – total session lasts 50-55 minutes.
  • Includes 2 runs per week for your dog. For a total of 9 Runs.
  • Depending on conditions, and your pup’s personal pace, we’ll usually cover 3-5 miles.
  • Have more than one dog? We can add 1-extra dog for $5/run or 2-extra dogs for $10/run.

We have several running packages to suit your needs from a single run up to 3x runs per week.

*All Monthly Run packages are intended to be used in one months’ time. Only purchase enough Packaged runs for one month at a time. Packaged runs expire 60 days after purchase. Only Single Single Run, On-Demand Packages do not expire, they can be used any time.  


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