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Making Your Dog Happy

Happy Dog Running Co. is a canine exercise service.

Our goal is to provide dogs with a customized, personal exercise plan that will keep their bodies and minds healthy, active and fulfilled. Our trained runners lead your dog on exercise sessions tailor-made for your dogs needs. We work “on-call”, or on a schedule made just for you. We provide a variety of services because all dogs need exercise; no dog is too big or too small!

You will also benefit from our dog exercise services. A regularly exercised pup is less likely to exhibit destructive behavior, aggression and excessive barking. This would surely make your life and your relationship with your best friend much better. That’s why we say… Happy Dogs Run!

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Benefits of Exercising Your Dog

Just like humans, your dog needs to get enough exercise to keep healthy and maintain an appropriate weight. You can generally know when your dog is lacking exercise when he or she becomes bored, lethargic, or frustrated. This can manifest itself as destructive behavior or aggression.

How much exercise your dog requires depends on the breed, size, age, and other health factors. For example, for some dogs, a daily walk is fine. However, for other large, energetic breeds, a quick walk isn’t enough physical activity.

It’s much easier to train an exercised dog because once they’re physically worked out, they can concentrate on discipline, and commands. Because they have gotten their exercise, their attention span is greater. We work with trainers to schedule your dogs exercise just before their training session. It’s a one-two punch. Works every time.

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6 Indicators Your Dog May Need to be Exercising

Here are some common indicators that your pet pooch isn’t getting the amount of exercise they require.
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Becoming overweight

One of the tell-tale signs that your furry friend needs more exercise is weight gain. Along with increasing daily walks and exercising, you may also need to check how much you are feeding your pet. A combination of poor diet and lack of physical activity can see your pet dog quickly piling on the pounds. If your dog is severely obese, you should pay a visit to your local vet to get professional advice on an appropriate exercise and diet plan for your pet.

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Have you noticed that your pet dog has difficulty getting around, is reluctant to climb stairs, or has difficulty sleeping? These could be signs that your dog needs to get more exercise. A sedentary lifestyle for your pet can result in stiff and tense muscles. This can lead to muscle weakness and pain when moving. Regular exercise helps to keep muscles and ligaments relaxed and loose as well as maintain strength. With older dogs, there could be a chance that stiffness when walking is due to arthritis. So, getting your pet dog’s health checked out may be a good idea.

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Being withdrawn or depressed

Some dogs become withdrawn when they lack physical and mental stimulation. This type of behavior can manifest itself by being disinterested in what’s happening, laying in the corner all the time, or not engaging with you. Of course, there are other reasons for this type of behavior. Therefore, you should arrange for a checkup at the vets to check for an underactive thyroid gland or other underlying condition.

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Your pet may show signs of being overexcited when you take him out or you get their lead. Of course, some dogs are more excitable than others, but changes in your dog’s behavior may be a sign that you need to exercise him more.

dog icon destructive behavior

Destructive behavior

Another sign that your pet pooch is lacking exercise is destructive behavior. All dogs need an outlet for their energy. If they can’t release pent-up energy by walking, running, or exercising, your dog may start acting badly. Some signs of destructive dog behavior patterns are chewing items around the home, getting into the trash can, or pooping in inappropriate places.

dog icon barking

Excessive barking

Constant barking may also be your dog’s way of telling you that they need more exercise. You will find that your own health will improve if you take your dog for daily walks and ensure that he gets enough exercise.

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Testimonials and Videos

This is most kind family that we have used several times for our dog, Lola while traveling. I highly recommend them as we know that Lola will be very well taken care of at our home!! Such great people!!!
Tony Bompiani
August 22, 2019
Highly recommend happy dog running co. Jeff is fantastic. He is so patient with the dogs and you can always rest assured that your pup is in the best of hands. He is a great dog handler and so trustworthy! This a great program!
Autumn Hodgkiss
February 12, 2019
We have a greyhound mix who loves to run - Jeff allows him to run at the pace he needs to burn off some energy!
Loree Karan
July 28, 2019
Jeff provides the dogs with a great run, at their own pace! He is very good with both of our dogs, and he is very nice man! We look forward to many more runs☺! This is a man who loves his job!
Kimberly Kohl Echard
September 1, 2018
Jeff is wonderful he has definitely found a new best friend in are Axel having some extra help wearing out this pup is great !! It’s wonderful!!
Tiffany Martz
February 21, 2019

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Learn more about our dog running services and the benefits of exercising your dog.

View Our Serices

Learn more about our dog running services and the benefits of exercising your dog.

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Set up a convenient time for us to meet you and your furry friend to discuss your needs and customize an exercise plan for your dog.

Schedule a Meeting

Set up a convenient time for us to meet you and your furry friend to discuss your needs and customize an exercise plan for your dog.

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