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How We Work

You and your Pooch are in Good Hands

Dogs love to run and so do we…it’s a perfect match!  Happy Dog Running Co. strives to make your life easier and improve your relationship with your pup by giving your pooch quality, consistent exercise and giving you peace of mind. Our runners are conscientious, diligent and hardworking people, so you can feel comfortable that we will take care of your furry best friend like they are our own. No matter the size of your dog, we’ll tailor an exercise plan to improve their health and make them happy.

dog licking runners face
husky and runner

Relationship Building

Dogs are great judges of character. That is why our runners take great effort to form a bond with your pup. If your dog loves the person running with them, they’ll leave you happy and return even happier. And, if they’re happy you will be too!

We don’t switch runners. You’ll see a familiar smiling face when we show up for a scheduled run.  We are always smiling because we love your dog and we love what we do.

dog with safety harness

Safety Always Comes First

Our runners are veteran athletes. They have all had plenty of miles on the roads and trails and are well aware of the potential hazards and how to avoid them. 

Your dog will be in good hands when they walk out your door because our runners are not only experienced, but because safety on the run has become part of their nature. Our runners are good people, and visible members of the community — Teachers, police officers, professionals, students, athletes, mothers and fathers. 

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Hassle-Free Dog Exercise

We will go out of our way to make your dog exercise program as easy as possible for you and your pup. Our runners show up at the scheduled time… on time, and at the designated location, whether that is your home, a park or trailhead, or at your dog sitters location. You will have the phone number of your pup’s runner and they will have yours, so If you ever need to make a last minute change you can give them a call directly. The runners are paid by Happy Dog Running Company so you will never have to worry about doing transactions at your front door.  We just show up, make you and your dog happy, and then we are on our way.

Getting Started on Your Dog’s Exercise Program

It couldn’t be any easier to start your dog on a journey of health, wellness and happiness!

Step 1

Contact us and provide a little information about yourself, your dog, and how we can improve your lives! You can reach us by completing this brief on-line form or calling at 724-875-1920

Step 2

We’ll arrange to meet with you at a convenient time and place, where our intake specialist will take your dog for their trial run! We’ll discuss your dogs needs, and devise the best plan for you and your dog.

Step 3

Happy Dog Running will assign the runner (or runners) that best matches your needs and those of your pooch… and the journey will begin! Meet our runners.

The Trial Run

The Trial Run is our first meeting with you and your dog. During this time, we will get to know you, your dog, and your dogs needs. Our specialist will take your pup for their first exercise session! On their return, you will decide if our service is right for you, and discuss a plan. Maybe you need your pup to go on a jog once in a while, or maybe they need 20 miles a week! We will find a program that is right for YOUR dog!

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Service Area

If you live in Westmoreland County, we would love to take your dog for a trial run.

We service the areas from Murrysville to Ligonier and Irwin to Connellsville and everywhere in between.

Services and Scheduling

Level 1

30 minute run

This session will give your dog 30 full minutes of moving time, and lasts 35-40 minutes. Depending on conditions, and your pups personal pace, we’ll usually cover 2-4 miles.  

The cost of Level 1 is $25

Level 2

45 minute run

This extended session provides 45 minutes of moving time, and lasts 50-55 minutes.  Depending on conditions, and your pups personal pace, we’ll usually cover 3-5 miles.  

The cost of Level 2 is $30

Level 3

1 hour run

This is the longest session, and it provides 60 minutes of moving time, and lasts 65-70 minutes.  Depending on conditions, and your pups personal pace, we’ll typically cover 5-7 miles.  

The cost of Level 3 is $35

Our services are available two ways:

1) On-Call Running

Our on-call service is available to you 7 days per week, as often as you like! There is no commitment, and it couldn’t be any easier! Just send a text, or give a call, and we’ll schedule your dog for some pure bliss!!

We’ll always do our best to get you the appointment you need. We typically can schedule your run in1 to 3 days, but please allow up to 7 days for us to accommodate your run. Our “On-Call” service is provided on a “first-come first-served” basis, and depends on runner availability.

2) Happy Dog Packages

When you purchase a package, you can assure a spot on our schedule will always be available, AND you’ll save money at the same time.  The packages are designed to fit your schedule, they give you a volume discount, and you can choose to renew for as long as you like. 5, 9, or 13-run packages save you money, and keep your pets’ exercise schedule regular!

If your personal schedule doesn’t allow you to be home at your dogs best exercise time, you can provide us access to your home, and we will take care of everything for your pup, just as you would.  We will leave them with wiped feet, a full water bowl, well exercised, and ready to rest up!

See the chart below for per-run prices, when you purchase a package for your pup.  Click here to view packages in the Shop

Service level
1 run per week
2 runs per week
3 runs per week
Level 1: 30 min.
Level 2: 45 min.
Level 3: 1 hour

Digital Verification of Every Run

Our runners utilize smart phone apps to track the time, distance and path for every dog run. This information is stored for invoicing purposes and to confirm that your pup received the exercise according the agreed upon canine exercise program.

huskies running tracker
Lab running tracker
happy dog after a run
map my run summary

Schedule a Meeting

Set up a convenient time for us to meet you and your furry friend to discuss your needs and customize an exercise plan for your dog.

Schedule a Meeting

Set up a convenient time for us to meet you and your furry friend to discuss your needs and customize an exercise plan for your dog.

Schedule Here


Happy Dog Running Company is fully insured and bonded with Pet Care insurance through Lloyds of London.