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Read Reviews from our Happy Dog Parents and Watch Examples of our Dog Running Program.


Maria Wolfe –  April 6, 2023

Great team of people willing to go the extra mile to work with and make the runs fun and stress free for our young dog. The socialization and exercise have been a key to his development. Thank you for all you do!


Tony Bompiani – August 22, 2019 
This is most kind family that we have used several times for our dog, Lola while traveling. I highly recommend them as we know that Lola will be very well taken care of at our home!! Such great people!!!

Autumn Hodgkiss – February 12, 2019

Highly recommend happy dog running co. Jeff is fantastic. He is so patient with the dogs and you can always rest assured that your pup is in the best of hands. He is a great dog handler and so trustworthy! This a great program

Tiffany Martz – February 21, 2019

Jeff is wonderful he has definitely found a new best friend in are Axel having some extra help wearing out this pup is great !! It’s wonderful!!

Sheree L. Cockrell – April 11, 2019

Jeff is amazing! Axel loves his runs so much! What a blessing he is!

Lynn Boschert – October 4, 2018

Jeff was right on time, very professional and friendly!! My pup loved him and loved every minute of his run! Highly recommend!!

Loree Karan – July 28, 2019

We have a greyhound mix who loves to run – Jeff allows him to run at the pace he needs to burn off some energy!

Kimberly Kohl Echard – 
September 1, 2018
Jeff provides the dogs with a great run, at their own pace! He is very good with both of our dogs, and he is very nice man! We look forward to many more runs☺! This is a man who loves his job!

Megan Datsko – 
September 6, 2018
Jeff took my high energy dog Cole for a run today and Cole loved it! Thank you!! We will be using you again in the future

Lori Lynn – March 13, 2019

Loki is a happy boy after his runs and we are happy Dog momma and daddy

Gingre Pugh – November 23, 2018

Odin can’t wait to run with Jeff!!

Kristen Rega – March 12

I really can’t say enough good things about my experience thus far with Jeff, his company and the three wonderful ladies who have taken my dog, Scout, running (Brittany, Steph and Brianna). Their communication is great, they are very flexible and always on time and you can tell they are truly dog lovers who enjoy their jobs. Scout comes back happy and tired which makes me happy! Highly recommend 😊

Susan Hutchinson – February 27

Jeff is pleasant, concerned about each dog & answers any questions any time. My 5 1/2 year old Great Dane LOVES his run & running partner Angela. She also loves him. Angela is very interested in learning about the breed, always gives me a report on the run & asked for suggestions if there is any issue. Luke, his Dad & I couldn’t be happier with Happy Dog Running Co & the wonderful people involved.

Erica McStay – February 28

Jeff is such a nice guy and an obvious dog lover. He’s been on two runs with my Lila and I can tell she loves him!

Sophia Roy – May 1, 2019

I have not used him personally, but he’s an awesome person. Dogs that I walk that need run instead I always recommend happy dog running Co. And everyone that I have recommended to them are super happy with their tired pups❤️❤️❤️

Maria Dillman – December 30, 2018

Dolly has a blast and Jeff treated her like gold .. She was so relaxed when we got home . This is great for all dogs big and small ..

As They Come Animal Rescue – January 22, 2021
Happy Dog Running Co. is a team of super athletic amazing animal lovers that take your energetic puppers to blow off some steam. We use them ourselves for some of our hard to handle fosters (and some pets we own 🙃) and they are FANTASTIC. So caring, loving and gentle with the dogs and they genuinely enjoy what they do!
So if you have a dog that needs to burn off some pent up energy, let these awesome guys take it for you! Trust me you won’t be disappointed! Our favorite mascot, T agrees!!

Luke H, Actual Happy Dog Client – January 16, 2021
Mom & I just got home from my run!! I’m a Great Dane & will be 7 in May. Mom is so pleased at how much I love running with my best girl Angela. Sometimes we go for 30 min, sometimes for 45 min but always at my pace for exercise & fun. Jeff & Angela are very flexible about arranging my schedule since I don’t always eat breakfast until afternoon & Mom doesn’t allow me to run on an empty stomach so we don’t alway have a set time to run. The only thing that irritates Mom is that I love to run with Angela in the rain ‘cause I won’t go out in the rain at home!

Lindsey Highlands – February 21, 2021

Jeff and his crew are awesome! Max is a crazy guy full of a lot of energy and he looks forward to his runs every time. We can’t even mention Jeff, Caitlyn, or Stephanie without Max looking around for them and getting excited. Max isn’t the greatest on the leash at first due to his excitement, but they all handle him so well and once they get moving it’s off to the races. I can’t thank them enough for sticking with Max and running him. I recommend them to anyone with a dog especially one full of energy!

Cecile Gros-Gean –  February 21, 2021

I truly love everyone I have met so far… my GSP Willow loves her Steph so much she looks for her all day at work until she comes and picks her up! She amazes me every time I hear how far she ran! I wish I could afford to run all 4 of my GSPs but Willow has the most energy so she gets to go 😊. I recommend them 100%.

Tank and Grace – May 12, 2021

We love running with Happy Dog! Our runners are Steph and Joe – they’re fantastic! Steph has helped Grace with her confidence and motivation by talking and hyping her up while she runs. Tank loves being outdoors with them, and looks forward to them coming over.
Happy Dog Running Co. has been great to us. They really care about each dog, and I couldn’t recommend a better company to try out.

Vince Piscar- May 12, 2021

I contacted Jeff about a month or so ago for my pup, Vader! He was great with Vader on the trial run and Vader’s been loving it ever since. Anna and Dawn have been running him twice a week and they are great with him. I’ve referred a couple of people and they love the service as well. Thank you!!

Lily- May 28, 2021

I love to run! I anxiously wait for Anna to come and am sad when it’s just me and Mom walking. I try to make Mom run but she always tells me walk nice. I get so excited when Anna comes and if she brings her husband along, I help him with his training runs for the Air Force. Anna and I beat him all the time because we run faster! I’m not allowed to run right now because I hurt my leg but I get to see Happy Dog because he’s my neighbor and think he’s coming to run with me too. I also love going running because I get to take a big nap afterwards.

Amy Chiea Clark- July 1, 2021

We. Are. HOOKED! My 2 Standard Poodles literally act like they have springs in their paws whenever I get their martingale collars off of the hook! They absolutely adore Jeff, Amanda and Angela. Don’t consider doing this for another minute, just do it! Your fur kid(s) will love you even more for it! ❤🐩❤🐩

Rebecca Griffith- October 23, 2021

Lexie absolutely adores her weekly runs. When she sees Tamaras car pull in, she goes nuts. When Tamara gets out of the car, she goes even more crazy.

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