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Become a Dog Runner

Did you ever think that YOU could get PAID to run?

You can!  Like you, our dog runners are serious athletes. Some are students, some are homemakers, and others work full-time jobs elsewhere.  The common thread- we are all “dog-lovers”, and we are all committed runners.  This is a perfect part-time job for a dog-loving runner who wants to make a little extra money while doing something they were going to do anyway… run!  You can run with us as much as you like. Run once a week, or take on ten runs. Mornings, mid-day or evenings, we’ll try to fit your lifestyle.

The dog runners that interact with our clients and their dogs are hugely important to the success of our business.  When we pair a runner with one of our clients, it’s a carefully considered match, and we want only the most trustworthy, reliable and able candidates.

Runner Liz
Runner Tyler with dog
Runner Amanda with dog
Me and Lizzie Mae

What you can expect

  • Depending on your availability, you can be a “Primary Runner”; one who has one or more weekly recurring clients, or a “Back-up Runner”; basically filling up holes in the schedule  and covering for other runners who are sick or injured.
  • We’ll run with you on your first run.  We’ll introduce you to the dogs, and show you the ropes.
  • We’ll provide you with poop bags, and safe waist-leashes.
  • We’ll figure out routes for you, and you can make your own once you are familiar with the dog you’re running and the area in which you are running.
  • We’ll always try to get you dog-runs that fit your schedule.
  • We temperament test all our canine clients, you’ll only run with Happy Dogs!

Here’s who we need…

  • You’ll need to live near one of our service areas of Westmoreland County from Murrysville to Ligonier and Irwin to Connellsville.
  • You must be comfortable and experienced with dogs of all sizes.
  • You have to be able to ENJOY running with dogs!  It’s all about the dogs around here, so you shouldn’t expect to fulfill any personal training goals, listen to ear buds, or anything else except to run happily with dogs!!
  • You should be able to comfortably run at least a 10 min/mile pace. Runs range from 2-7 miles.
  • You must be DEPENDABLE! We promise our customers reliable service. (And we REALLY don’t like disappointing the dogs! )
  • You must own a smart phone with a data plan.

Interested in becoming a runner?

Contact us with questions about our program and compensation, or submit your application.